We just wanted to introduce ourselves & let you know the run down on who we are, what we do & why you should check us out!

The simplified version is that we are an ATAS accredited travel agent with an exceptional flair in travel planning.
We help you plan all travel arrangements, accommodation & tours.

After all, when you get time off for that holiday, you will want is to relax, not stressing about any travel plans. as a member of Travellers Choice, we have access to offers worldwide, flexible payment options such as lay-by, and offer a true concierge service for you.

How much do we cost?
We think you should sit down for this one….
We are at no extra costs to you.
Sounds too good to be true? Well this is one case where your momma will take back the phrase “nothing good comes free”. We work with vendors all over the world that we are proud to represent. We simply work off a small commission paid by each of the suppliers for passing them your business. So as our prices are exactly the same (or we will price match) - why wouldn't you get our expertise for free? We have a lot of stories and reasons why you are better using an agent - trust us! 
e can arrange your travel to wherever you would like, while providing personalised service to ensure that you have a wonderful stress free holiday.
Where are we?
We are mainly based in Brisbane, Australia but our clients come from far and wide. If you ever want to come visit us in person just send an email to info@vivaevents.com.au and if we are close we would love to meet with you. If we ever find ourselves near you and you are up for a cheeky glass of wine we can do that too!